Vacation Bible School

How many of us remember going to VBS as a kid? I do! This ministry is near and dear to my heart. It was during a VBS (many years ago!) that I learned of the free gift that our Heavenly Father so freely gives, the gift of eternal life. Now that I am an adult, I want to share the good news of salvation to kids through VBS. Each year is a new fun-themed week. We eat, play, dance, sing, create, and LEARN! I am truly so blessed to see how the Holy Spirit works on these kids throughout the week. Our church gives it their all to love and teach on these kids. We hope you join us this year!

Kids for Christ

We meet Wednesday nights from March to November. This is a time with a little less structure. Sometimes we will have a hands-on lesson, or a lesson based on a science experiment. Other times we do Bible drills. We have also worked on projects for our classroom and church activities. This allows the kids to build stronger relationships with each other. I like for the kids to be active in the church so they will feel part of something bigger. Our biggest activity is Project Compassion. My heart is to teach them to see others that may need a little extra love. We have created care packages for people who have gone through a major surgery and for widows/widowers.

Children's Sunday School

We do not follow a curriculum. Our lessons come straight from the Bible. The kids are encouraged to bring their Bibles, as we read verse by verse. The kids start to get better familiar with their Bible when we do this. We focus on the miracles Yahweh has performed. Some of the lessons we have covered are: The 10 plagues of Egypt, Elijah and Elisha’s ministries, and the various miracles from the book of Daniel. The kids start to feel, see, and read how much our Father loves us, and that His ways are so much better than our ways. Each week we take notes to help drive home the lesson.

Special Kid's Events

Throughout the year, we schedule fun trips. We laugh, play, and build good memories with friends. Some of the events we have done: roller skating, hiking, laser tag, pumpkin patch, and much more.


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